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Join our After School Program in STEAM City!

We have inspired thousands of students throughout South Florida for over 12 years! Our passionate team provides in-school field trips, after school enrichment programs, camps, clubs and more. After over a decade of working with schools to provide hands-on STEAM programs, we are so proud to open our first Broward Learning Center! Over the past 2 years, we have been fine-tuning plans for an after school program that promotes healthy minds & bodies. We have tested different methods of blending multiple subjects together with a focus on making learning engaging & fun. Our after school students receive the ULTIMATE hands-on experience with experiments, engineering, coding, live animal encounters, field trips, web design and fun writing projects (Yes! We’ve cracked to code to making writing FUN!) During those few precious hours after school, your child is inspired to create, design, construct, innovate, teach, write, perform, read and learn with a high-energy and passionate staff.

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s in store for your STEAM City Kid:

  • Daily Healthy Snacks with Fresh Fruits, Grains, & Veggies

  • After School Pick Up from the following schools:

  • Homework Help: We encourage students to communicate with their peers to foster positive & supportive communication. Our staff observes the peer-to-peer assistance so we may add additional information or help guide students to the correct answers.

  • Safe & Friendly Environment & Staff

  • Hands-on STEAM Enrichment (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math)

    • Robots, coding, book projects, live animals, science experiments, math games, bridge building, and sooooo much more!

  • Library with K-8th Level Books

    • Each book is labeled with its Reading Level & AR Points (Accelerated Reader). If your child’s school tracks AR Points, this is a great resource to help improve literacy.

    • We offer newly published books to foster enrichment in STEAM fields. Students read about business, engineering, science, math, technology coding, entrepreneurship, money management, and more!

STEAM City Kids  
Coral Landings III Shopping Plaza
3360 NW 62nd Ave
We’re on the corner of Sample & 411 in the same plaza as Best Buy & Homegoods and across from Publix & Renaissance Charter School at Coral Springs. 

Frequently Ask Questions

Yes! Our aftercare students enjoy healthy snacks every day after school, and they often help prepare their own food. Sugary gummies, candy, cookies and other junk food are not part of the aftercare meal plan. We promote healthy choices and meal prep. Fresh fruits, vegetables and grains are a staple in our recipes! Students are encouraged to use what they learn about food after school to help prepare family snacks at home.
*This is a peanut free facility.

Our after school educators safety pick up students in passenger vans from the following schools:

We enroll students from Kindergarten – 5th grade. We have over 12 years of experience working with students from prek-8th grade. Our team specializes in providing enrichment programs that are engaging for multiple ages in one group. We work on similar concepts & themes with everyone, and once we get to know the students, activities are customized for individual & small group proficiency levels.

We offer our aftercare program to 25 students. Aftercare students work on solo and team projects. With a classroom size group, we are able to provide many resources, including: time with laptops/ipads, robots, circuits, chemistry supplies, and more!

Each child must be signed out by an adult who is pre-approved by a parent or guardian. To avoid a congested parking lot, drive behind the shopping plaza. In-between Joann Fabrics and 9 Round, there is a second lot with very little traffic and a sidewalk entrance that takes you safety to our door.

Our after school program ends at 6:00 p.m. We understand that sometimes there are emergencies or hold ups at work. For your convenience, do NOT charge a late fee for pick up after 6:00 p.m. We’d rather you not stress and rush through traffic to avoid a late fee. The latest pick up time for students is 6:45 p.m. If pickup is made continuously after 6:45 p.m., it may result in a suspension from the program.

We have 25 spots available in our after school program. Contact us TODAY if you are interested in enrolling your child for the 2018-2019 school year. 

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After School Program:

  • HEALTHY SNACKS: Students are snack chefs! They prepare their very own healthy treats and learn how to keep their bodies STRONG. During our monthly Snack Shops, students learn how to be restaurant entrepreneurs.

Healthy Snacks

  • READING LITERACY: It’s so important that students practice reading after school to improve their literacy. We schedule daily reading blocks along with FUN book projects, presentations and even reading with flashlights in the dark!

Reading Literacy

  • STEAM ENRICHMENT: Hands-on enrichment programs that blend Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math help prepare and inspire students for exciting careers! Technology is always evolving, and our aftercare students stay on trend with STEAM our enrichment.

STEAM Enrichment

  • HOMEWORK HELP: We encourage peer-to-peer homework help everyday. Your child will have homework complete or close to finished so you may focus on family time at home.

Homework Help

  • JOURNALISTIC WRITINGWriting is a fun when students research current events and apply their new knowledge to a hands-on science projects. Our aftercare writers are inspired to LOVE writing because they are REAL published journalists!


  • MONEY MANAGEMENT: It’s so important in adult world, and unfortunately we don’t see this topic unless you’re a finance major in college. We use literature and real life simulations to introduce smart money habits that will last a lifetime.

Money Management

  • CONFIDENT COMMUNICATION: Students are encouraged to present their projects, research and writing to their friends in aftercare. Presenting on a mini portable platform in front of a painted stage builds confidence and develops strong communication skills.

Public Speaking

  • EXERCISE FOR BRAINS & BODIES: We workout our brains and bodies each day! Students follow fun dance, yoga and circuit training videos.