Antonio Pinon, STEAM Presenter

Just want to share that our presentation today was amazing. Antonio was wonderful with the kids. We will be calling again for next year. Thank you!

Gisela N., City of Pembroke Pines Charter Schools East

Antonio’s smile and personality ignites the room during each of his presentations. Along with working as part of our steam, he teaches weekly elementary and middle school STEM classes at South Pointe Elementary school.

He is a dedicated student completing his BS in Earth and Science at Florida Atlantic University. Since he has a concentration in STEM Education, his classes blend perfectly with STEAM City Kids. After he graduates, the plan is to continue his career as a STEM teacher while pursuing a graduate degree. Antonio’s career will lead him to a position with a university as a professor (Future Dr. Pinon!) who will inspire aspiring teachers how to integrate STEM in the classroom. We are so happy to have him as part of our STEM Education team. We feel proud and lucky to be one of this stops on his career path!