Geology In-School Field Trip

Student geologists learn how to classify and compare rocks and minerals by observing physical properties, including: hardness, color, luster, cleavage and streak color. They work together to match samples in an interactive exploration of the rock cycle. A virtual reality station allows young scientists to observe 3D models of our earth, plate tectonics and volcanoes! Knowledge of forces, mass, weight, density, physical and chemical changes, matter and different types of energy is reinforced while experimenting with weathering, deposition, erosion, plate tectonics and layers of the earth.

This one hour in-school field trip is designed for no more than 35 students to keep the presentations engaging with hands-on experiments. One of our STEAM City team members sets up a table with small group supplies. We recommend reserving one room for your in-school field trip and each group rotates. Presentations may be setup in the classroom, media center, gym, auditorium, library or cafeteria. The best room arrangement is with 6 stations (large tables or desks pushed together) to accommodate small group stations. We are flexible if a central location or stations are unavailable and are happy to discuss different options for students.

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