History of Our SCK Family – Inspiring Florida Students Since 2006

Our team has been inspiring students with live animals, science experiments and technology since 2006. Our traveling in-school field trips, camps, classes and parties have always been locally owned and operated in Broward county. The company was first founded as Wacky Wild Science by a dad who loved teaching his son about bugs.

In 2016, the business switched to a female owned and was re-branded at STEAM City Kids. After running as a home-based business for over 11 years, we open two locations. Our traveling services are managed in Plantation, and our learning center is in Margate.

2020 is an exciting year! We are relaunching our learning center, and our franchise models will be available in the fall.
Scroll down for a more detailed description of our history. 🙂

– 2006 –

Wacky Wild Science was founded by Seth Prezant. He turned is side passion for nature and bugs into a business after hosting popular Bug Parties for this family and friends. The buzz about the bugs spread to teachers in Broward county, and he began to receive requests to present science programs to classrooms with his fun critters. Seth left is job in adverting to pursue the new in-school field trip venture full time. The business expanded to a full year-round field trip schedule to schools and camps throughout Broward and Miami. His long term goal was to growth the business for 10 years. Then, he wanted to pass his creation on to someone who could continue to expand while providing the same quality services for teachers and students.

– 2016 –

After 10 years, Seth passed the torch to Andrea Scahill. Andrea worked with Seth as a science presenter from 2014-2015 while earning her MBA. After graduation, she switched gears from business to teaching 2nd grade. Andrea was decorating her classroom door after school the night she received the initial offer from Seth over the phone. It seemed like fate. This opportunity blended her two passions: entrepreneurship & education! Andrea knew this concept had the potential to scale, so her first step was to restructure the back-end of the business to sustain rapid growth. Wacky Wild Science transformed from a paper-based business to a streamlined digital education service.

– 2018 –

Andrea’s vision from day one was to re-brand the business. She founded STEAM City Kids in 2018. Andrea (a non-techie person) taught herself how to design a new website and launched the new brand with a fresh online look. The fast-paced growth seemed like a whirlwind. New STEAM enrichment programs were added, more presenters joined the team and company moved from a home-based business to two locations. Plantation in home to the STEAM City Kids Travel Center. From this storefront, the team manages all of the traveling field trips, parties and special events. It’s home to the SCK animals, robotics equipment, science experiments and inflatable space planetariums. The Learning Center in Margate hosts camps, parties, special events and classes.