Andrea Scahill – Founder

Founder of STEAM City Kids & STEAM Presenting Consultant
MBA in Entrepreneurship, BA in Communication and Minor in Theater

“Andrea was a fabulous presenter. I was amazed at her classroom management skills and knowledge of the content. She was energetic and kept the children engaged. The hands on activities were terrific!”

Ms. Edwins, Calusa Elementary School, Miami

“Andrea is an awesome educator. Her program was well paced and very lively. She was patient with the students and their questions. Great hands on experience for the students. They were all engaged and really enjoyed the programs. Thank you.”

Ms. Nowicki, Whispering Pines School, Miramar

“Talk about some one who can hold the attention of little kids! Andrea was EXCELLENT! And what energy! We are thrilled with what we saw today.”

Stacey R., STEM Magnet Facilitator, Colbert Elementary

“I just wanted to thank you all for an amazing experience yesterday at my son’s communion. The kids were all engaged and they learned so much and had so much fun. Andrea was incredible. She was so patient and so sweet. I really will recommend you to everyone. Thank you again.”

Patsy R., Son's Communion Party

“Wowwww is an understatement! This was such a great program and all of the children enjoyed themselves and learned so much. The adults were also engaged and impressed with how awesome the presenter was. Would definitely recommend this company and I can’t wait to have them visit our school this coming school year. My students would definitely love this!!! :-). Thanks again!”

Grace D., Son's Birthday Party

I can’t say enough about Andrea and her assistant. My daughter had a bug themed birthday party and we were looking for a cool experience. Andrea was so sweet and caring. She took her time explaining all the details and went above and beyond to make my baby’s party perfect. She was so great with the kids and had them engaged the entire time. If your kid loves bugs and your having a bug bday party you must have her there. You won’t regret it, she exceeded my expectations 10 folds. She even made individual personalized party favors for each kiddo with live lady bugs to release at home with instructions. I wish I could have her come to every party.

Marie F., Daughter's Birthday Party

Andrea Scahill has a passion for entrepreneurship and inspiring students. After over 10 years of experience as a professional presenter and entrepreneur and 14 years working with children, she developed a unique expertise in designing STEAM and standards-based presentations. Her custom curriculum program trains our team of presenters, and she is now a consultant and guest speaker for the LSU Health Department of Pharmacology, teaching university science students how to deliver engaging presentations to grade school students.

Andrea always loved children and was the youngest Sunday school teacher in high school. She began working with a team to direct summer camps in high school and continued through the first few years of college. “I became obsessed with room transformations and taking children on educational adventures. I remember packing all of my mom’s house plants and extra bed sheets in the car to turn my classroom into a forest. I used the sheets and long tables to create a magical tunnel at the entrance of the room.” As a fulltime college student, she opened a theater venue and founded “The Office” Fan Tours in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

While earning her MBA in entrepreneurship in Florida, she worked as a science presenter for an in-school field trip company, Wacky Wild Science. After graduation, she accepted her first full time teaching position in a 2nd grade classroom. Andrea was contacted to take over Wacky Wild Science because after 10 years of working with local schools, the former owner wished to pass it on to someone who would continue the service for students. Andrea was thrilled to combine her love for education and entrepreneurship after purchasing the business in 2016. She left the classroom and dedicated her career to providing in-school field trips to inspire students. After 2 years, Andrea rebranded the company and founded STEAM City Kids.

During the height of COVID, in-school field trips were placed on pause, and Andrea returned to the classroom as a science teacher at a private school with an inclusive model. For two years, she learned how to accommodate students on the autism and ADHD spectrum to participate fully alongside with peers without disabilities. While back in the classroom, observing and documenting behaviors switched on a lightbulb and led to her ADHD diagnosis and treatment. Once Andrea stopped trying to hide symptoms and feeling embarrassed, a new confidence emerged to use the unique traits as superpowers. 

STEAM City Kids relaunched in summer 2022 with a new focus on providing interdisciplinary resources aligned with each in-school field trip to help teachers introduce and reinforce standards. After developing new knowledge of how to create accommodations in an inclusive environment, she was excited to start an internship program that is welcoming and supportive for high school students on the autism and ADHD spectrums.

Andrea’s experience in education, entrepreneurship, communications, theater and curriculum development creates a blend of skills to support STEAM City Kids as we continue to grow. She has a steadfast mission to inspire future leaders through STEAM enrichment by providing schools with high engaging experiences and classroom resources. While it can be an added stress, the ADHD part of what makes her so focused and passionate about the mission behind STEAM City Kids. Now she hopes that sharing her story will help young girls accept themselves and embrace their differences as strengths.