Founder of STEAM City Kids & Presentation Consultant
Business & Career Teacher & Curriculum Specialist
MBA in Entrepreneurship, BA in Communication and Minor in Theater

“Andrea was a fabulous presenter. I was amazed at her classroom management skills and knowledge of the content. She was energetic and kept the children engaged. The hands on activities were terrific!”

Ms. Edwins, Calusa Elementary School, Miami

“Andrea is an awesome educator. Her program was well paced and very lively. She was patient with the students and their questions. Great hands on experience for the students. They were all engaged and really enjoyed the programs. Thank you.”

Ms. Nowicki, Whispering Pines School, Miramar

“Talk about some one who can hold the attention of little kids! Andrea was EXCELLENT! And what energy! We are thrilled with what we saw today.”

Stacey R., STEM Magnet Facilitator, Colbert Elementary

“I just wanted to thank you all for an amazing experience yesterday at my son’s communion. The kids were all engaged and they learned so much and had so much fun. Andrea was incredible. She was so patient and so sweet. I really will recommend you to everyone. Thank you again.”

Patsy R., Son's Communion Party

“Wowwww is an understatement! This was such a great program and all of the children enjoyed themselves and learned so much. The adults were also engaged and impressed with how awesome the presenter was. Would definitely recommend this company and I can’t wait to have them visit our school this coming school year. My students would definitely love this!!! :-). Thanks again!”

Grace D., Son's Birthday Party

I can’t say enough about Andrea and her assistant. My daughter had a bug themed birthday party and we were looking for a cool experience. Andrea was so sweet and caring. She took her time explaining all the details and went above and beyond to make my baby’s party perfect. She was so great with the kids and had them engaged the entire time. If your kid loves bugs and your having a bug bday party you must have her there. You won’t regret it, she exceeded my expectations 10 folds. She even made individual personalized party favors for each kiddo with live lady bugs to release at home with instructions. I wish I could have her come to every party.

Marie F., Daughter's Birthday Party

Ms. Andi is a middle school teacher and curriculum specialist with over 12 years of experience in entrepreneurship as a professional presenter. Her energy and passion has inspired over 100,000 students in South Florida. As an educator with ADHD, she has a soft spot for children with neuro differences and specializes in adjusting her presentation style to accommodate students on any spectrum. For the past few years, Ms. Andi has served as a consultant and guest speaker for the LSU Health Department of Pharmacology in New Orleans, teaching university science students how to develop and deliver engaging in-school field trip presentations to local schools. Andrea blended her experience in education, entrepreneurship, communications, and theater to develop an innovative presentation style and method of developing curriculum. 

“When I’m presenting, teaching and writing curriculum, empowering students to identify, embrace and leverage what makes them uniquely special is always a driving force. I’ve spent so much of my life shying away from opportunities. The low confidence and self sabotage mixed with high anxiety, undiagnosed ADHD and unprocessed trauma always held me back from feeling proud of myself and accomplishing life goals. I knew if I wanted to empower more students, I needed to work on myself first. I don’t want kids to wait until they are in their mid 30s to feel confident being different. I’m on this crazy life mission to help inspire future leaders through highly engaging programs and classroom resources.”

FUN Facts
– Founded “The Office” Fan Tours
– Backpacked solo in Europe
– Went paragliding, canyoning and skydiving even though she’s TERRIFIED of heights
“When you push yourself out of your comfort zone to accomplish things that scare you and get your adrenaline pumping, you train your mind and body to handle daily stressors and crush your out-of-the-box life goals.”

STEAM City Kids Update

Unfortunately, I had to make the difficult decision to pause STEAM City’s traveling field trip services to focus on healing severe carpal tunnel in both of arms at the end of the 2023 summer camp season. The physical strain from a packed schedule of presenting, driving throughout South Florida and the backend prep/computer took a toll. The first few weeks of physical therapy and lying motionless on the couch was a clear sign that a lifestyle and career change was needed. The position with Summit Academy seemed like it was kismet. The Business & Career teacher position was posted the same day I began searching opportunities.

I am thrilled to launch a series of DIY Classroom Field Trips! They are guides for teachers to create a FUN and engaging in-school field trip experience. The best part is that the DIY version raises funds for your classroom for hands-on resources. Each program is based on content I’ve spent years developing and testing. It’s designed to be simple, easy and stress free for teachers. 🙂

Click here for a free copy of a DIY Classroom Field Trip

Yes! Please click here for updated information on available dates and programs.

Teaching and Developing Curriculum for Middle School Business & Careers

I quickly realized that our curriculum needed to start with understanding vocabulary (similar to any new language), growth mind self and communication skills. It was eye opening to see how excited students were about money and business. However they believed success and making money was easy. The influencer craze on social media is developing this infectious mindset that making money is easy, and we can buy whatever without thinking about the consequences of overspending. I don’t want to imagine a future world in which this perspective is the norm. Since very little is available in the Money, Business & Career market for grade school education, I am determined to provide teachers with inspiring curriculum to help prepare our future leaders. 

In my classroom, we are learning the realities of debt and financial hardship along with the work ethic and inner determination needed to become successful and create generational wealth. We are developing transferable skills that are rooted in growth mindset, collaborative teamwork, communication skills (public speaking, networking, etc.), and positive leadership during hands-on STEM-preneur labs, group projects that spark innovation, and team vocabulary games to improve financial literacy. I began writing case studies about young entrepreneurs, and students have been so inspired by the determination in role models their age and younger.

This is my 3rd time transitioning back into the classroom. As an educator with ADHD, I felt it was my responsibility to finally be open about my diagnosis with students and parents. All my kids on the spectrum feel understood and empowered while peers are accepting and understanding. I’m trying my best to be the supportive teacher I wish I had growing up struggling with undiagnosed symptoms. 

Since I was diagnosed in my 30s, it took a few years to advocate for myself and create a system to stay productive. I am open with admin when I’m overwhelmed, and I let them know that I need to multitask to stay attentive during meetings. I spend a lot of time labeling, color coordinating and planning ahead. 

*I am NOT qualified to diagnose or provide medical advice. Please feel free to reach out if you’re also a teacher with ADHD or have a child on a spectrum. I’m always happy to share the same resources and tips I use myself and with my students.

Education & Experience

(7 Years) Founder & STEM Presenter
STEAM City Kids, South Florida

Scaled the largest in-school field trip service in South Florida inspiring preschool – high-school students. Developed a unique training program for presenters leveraging techniques in education and theater to increase public speaking confidence resulting in  unforgettable presentations. Flexible customized programs and classroom management methods engaged all physical and mental differences, including the following: Autism, ADD, ADHD, Blind, Deaf, Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy

(3 Years) STEM Presenter & Entrepreneur
Wacky Wild Science, South Florida
While in grad school, Andrea fell in love with providing in-school field trips as a STEM presenter . After gradation, accepted her first fulltime teaching position. Then, transitioned out of the classroom after receiving a call from the founder. She took over Wacky Wild Science and rebranded as STEAM City Kids.

(4 Years) Founder & Tour Presenter
“The Office” Fan Tours, Scranton, PA

Created and presented “The Office” Fan Tours, based on the NBC TV show, to increase tourism and media exposure in Scranton. Exposure from the tours launched “The Office” Wrap Party in May 2013. The event welcomed Executive Producer, Greg Daniels and 12 Actors (including Steve Carell, John Krasinski, Jenna Fisher). Over 15,000 fans attended (tours & wrap party combined) with tourists from 40 US states, England, Australia, Ireland and Canada Media exposure include the following: USA Today, NY Daily, News, LA Times, The Huffington Post, Philly Daily News, NBC Washington, Associated Press, TV Guide, Seattle Post Intelligencer and Buzzfeed

(2 Years) Co-Founder & Marketing Manager
Vintage Theater & Cafe, Scranton, PA
Launched the city’s first all ages late night entertainment café. Created advertisements, wrote press releases, and managed marketing campaigns and events.

Middle School Teacher, Summit Academy Charter School (2023-present)
– Business & Career

Virtual Teacher & Coach, Girls with Impact (2022-2023)
– Entrepreneurship

College Professor, Ohio Christian Academy (2022)
– Entrepreneurship (Oakstone Academy High School students earning college credit)

Middle/High School Teacher, Oakstone Academy Palm Beach (2020-2022)
– Science & Social Studies

Elementary Teacher, Franklin Academy Sunrise (2015-2016)

– 2nd Grade

Summer Camp Lead (2003-2006)
Our Lady of the Snows, Clarks Summit, PA

Curriculum Advisor, LSU Health Sciences Center in NOLA (2021-Present)
Partnered with the Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics to spearhead new course blending engagement methods in education, entrepreneurship, communications and theater to create STEM-based in-school field trips designed by university students. Trained university staff and students to improve public speaking skills and develop customizable hands-on lessons that spark excitement and curiosity in STEM careers. Final projects include University science students presenting  hands-on labs for grade local schools.

MBA in Entrepreneurship
Magna Cum Laude
GPA: 3.86
Everglades, University, FL
Classed Included: Entrepreneurial Innovation in Technology, Managerial Finance and Accounting for Entrepreneurs, Leadership Skills for Managers, Marketing Management, Strategic Sales and Marketing Management, Business Strategy for Competitive Advantage and New Venture Creation

BA in Communication
Minor in Theater
University of Scranton, PA
Classes Included: Writing for Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Communication Theory, Communication Ethics, Intercultural Communication, Advertising & Business, Advertising Copywriting, Advertising Decision Making, Advertising, Public Relations, Public Speaking, Acting, Directing, Theatre History & Composition (Advanced)

1st Place in Entrepreneurship Business Plan Competition
Great Valley Technology Alliance, Scranton, PA