Our Story

We are a family owned and operated educational service with a team of passionate and enthusiastic professionals who LOVE inspiring students! Our combined experience is a perfect blend that includes expertise in education, science, technology, entrepreneurship STEM education and more.

Where it Began…
The journey began in 2006 as Wacky Wild Science. The education service was created by a fun Dad, Seth Prezant, who gave his son a BUG themed science party for this birthday. As time went on, more and more teachers requested in-school programs with live animals from the Bug Master.

Switching Hands at the 10 Year Milestone…
After 10 years, Wacky Wild Science switched hands. Seth wanted to pass on Wacky Wild to someone who would continue its rapid growth while keeping the heart of the company focused on students & teachers. He contacted one of his former science presenters, Andrea Fredmonski. Husband & wife team, Andrea & Steve, were excited to revamp the company and add more STEM-based programs! It seemed like the perfect fit. Andrea had experience in education, management & entrepreneurship. Steve, a BMW technician, had the technical skills to help customize new STEM programs.

Our FIRST Learning Center!!!
After a few years of growing the traveling services, the husband & wife duo decided to open the company’s very first Learning Center! Over the years, hundreds of children asked where they may visit us. Parents inquired about if we hosted parties, summer camp & after school programs at our location. Teachers & administrations inquired about STEM & STEAM workshops. Our response was always, “We’d LOVE to open a location… one day!” Our team is thrilled to open our first of many learning centers! Click here to check it out 🙂

NEW Name – Same Crew
The team decided to rebrand the company – from Wacky Wild Science to STEAM City Kids. With the additional traveling services and programs at our learning center, everyone quickly realized that we needed an all-encompassing name. STEAM is the perfect acronym to describe the team’s focus on interdisciplinary education – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math. We know there are thousands of students & teachers in South Florida who recognize the Wacky Wild Brand. Don’t worry, we’re only going through a make-over. It’s the same team, same programs and (most importantly) same quality. We’re just doing some remodeling with our brand name, website and social media.