Summer STEAM Camp

$325 – Week Long Summer Camp
Save $75 ($250/week) – Early Bird Price
Camp Ages: 5-11

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Science Lab + Animal Safari

June 17-21

Young Scientists make SLIME and conduct FUN hands-on experiments with high tech lab equipment and their own lab coats. They observe bacteria in petri dishes, collect and view specimens in microscopes, study rock & crystal samples, and so much more!  As Safari Explores, meet lizards, tortoises, snakes, bugs, scorpions & tarantulas. Young animal lovers understand how pollution and waste effect the environment while conducting experiments. Scientists even feed some of our friendly critters. We’ll even release live ladybugs outside!

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June 24-28

It’s high-tech for electrical engineers compete in Battle Bots, work with lasers, program robotic arms and more. They use electricity like magic while creating traditional and new inventive circuits. Campers even choose a 3D printer project to work on throughout the week.

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Marine (Ocean)

July 8-12

Marine biologists dive head into our ocean discovery as they interact with LIVE turtles, tortoises, land & ocean crabs, shrimp, sea urchins, snails and sea stars! They compare real corals, seaweed, sand and sponges and more.  Young scientists also learn how pollution and trash effect ocean life while conducting ocean experiments.

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July 15-19

Scientists learn about the science of space with experiments, safe explosions, space models and more! They construct electrical circuits, rockets, solar ovens and constellation kaleidoscopes. Then, campers turn into astronauts as they experience a digital SPACE ADVENTURE in our inflatable planetarium!

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July 22-26

This week is filled with SCIENCE, MONEY, ENGINEERING, ART, MATH, TECHNOLOGY and more! Young entrepreneurs learn how to create sustainable businesses with social and eco conscious missions. They choose their handmade products, practice offering services and leverage technology to fill the needs of their customers. On Friday, family members are invited to attend our entrepreneurship fair!

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Vet Academy

July 29-Aug 2

This is this ULTIMATE hands-on experience for animal lovers! Young veterinarians practice CPR, wound care, stitching, and feeding & handling animals. Observing microscope samples and comparing animal x-rays allow campers to leverage technology to discover more about their patients. Along with our exotic animals, young vet techs work with our therapy dog and even conduct a mock surgery!

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Aug 5-9

All-in-One Hands-on FUN!
Can’t decide on a speciality week? Dive into the full STEAM experience, and engage with a touch of everything. STEAM City Kids meet live animals, conduct experiments, create art, build as engineers, learn about space and more!

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