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Your child will LOVE our interdisciplinary tutoring program!

STEP 1: Individual Educational Assessment (IEP)
We first assess skills in Math, Reading & Writing to produce an Individual Educational Assessment (IEP). With this baseline information, we  recommend a customized cluster tutoring program.

STEP 2: Personality Assessment 
Instead of starting worksheets or practicing skills on the first day, we take an innovative approach. People have different strengths, interests, skills  and learning styles. Therefore, we believe it’s better to assess each child’s unique personality before the instruction begins to increase retention and overall enjoyment in the learning process. We take time to first understand the learning style of each child along with interests and passions.
Along with assess the following learning styles, we also discuss individual interests in exciting fields, such as: space, trucks, bridges, cooking, art, music, games, computers, electricity, and more!

  • Spatial (Visual: Art, Pictures & Images)
  • Auditory (Musical: Sounds & Songs)
  • Kinesthetic (Physical: Body Movements and Feeling Textures)
  • Linguistic (Verbal: Words in Speech & Writing)
  • Mathematical (Logical: Systems & Reasoning)
  • Interpersonal (Social: Group Work)
  • Interapersonal (Independent: Working on One’s Own)

STEP 3: Customized STEAM-based Interdisciplinary Program
We leverage the excitement of STEAM enrichment to enhance core academic skills in Math, Reading & Writing. 
Interdisciplinary learning focuses on blending subjects. Once we know more about a child, we customize an interdisciplinary program to make learning FUN to encourage focused practices. Diving into engineering while constructing a 3D building gives students the opportunity to practice geometry and multiplication skills. When students use art & music as young journalists researching a topic, it’s easier to learn the structure of a writing assignment.